LEA Rooibos tea variants


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On the West Coast of South Africa lies a farm which in the early 1800s, was know as Seaton Location, bought in 1855 by the De Beer family and changed to Lambertshoek.

Here the de Beer family produces Rooibos tea. In the 21st century, a company called Seaton and Lamb was born, bringing together not only the names of this farm, but also the knowledge and wisdom, passed on by generations.

Seaton and Lamb bring you the richest, purest quality Rooibos tea you would ever taste.


Weight 100 g

Chai Rooibos tea (100g, 40 tea bags), Rooibos & Buchu tea (100g, 40 tea bags), Rooibos & Cancer Bush tea (100g, 40 tea bags), Rooibos & Chamomile tea (100g, 40 tea bags), Vanilla Rooibos tea (100g, 40 tea bags)


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